is a premier specialty chemicals trading company!

We are supplying broad range of advance materials, additives and functional products, specialty chemicals and fibers that are found in products people everywhere use everyday.

Our Products

Our product suit includes a wide variety of process agents and intermediates, which are used in an extensive range of applications.


The international economy is changing constantly, people’s sense of value is diversifying rapidly. We WOCHEM Co. strives to meet rising needs in the Chemicals marketplace through high maneuverability and sharp insight to forecast the future and meet our customer’s needs. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Srilanka, Turkey & Africa is our major market for trading Solvents & Chemicals. To progress and grow, we continuously seek out new products and markets in the Chemical industry. Our aim is to build a strong foundation and develop healthier relation between our principles and valued customers. We always believe in catering raw materials of high quality, meeting international stands, consistent quality, superiors technical& regulatory support backed with customer & logistical support.